• Selective Racking System
    Easy beam adjustment
    Accommodates variable pallet heights
    Lower level pallets can be located on the floor
  • Double Deep Racking System
    double deep
    Maximise storage space
    Achieve high levels of productivity
    Maintain good selectivity
  • Long Span Shelving
    Cost effective shelving storage system
    Available in wide range of shelving length
    No nuts and bolts required for easy installation
  • VNA Racking System
    Maximize storage potential
    Reduces wasted space
    Increase productivity
  • Drive In / Drive Through Racking System
    drive in
    Excellent space utilisation
    Easy to expand
    Suitable Seasonal Goods Storage
  • Cantilever Storage System
    Provides unobstructed access and storage flexibility
    Easy customised to specific requirements
    Full use of space from side to side
  • Mezzanine Racking System
    Custom design to meet all your needs
    Potential to disassemble and relocate
    Engineered gravity flow

Why Asel Storage?


sel Storage is a one stop service and solution provider for quality storage systems to all market segments such as warehousing, offices, retail and industrial. Our experience team can design a system or quote exactly to your requirements.

Our Aim...

is to ensure maximization of existing warehouse space to optimize storage location for higher productivity with our high density racking systems.

We take pride in handling new projects, site survey, offering professional solutions, providing engineering designs, on site supervision during installation, after sales service and maintenance or relocation if the need arise.

Our Goal...

is to achieve customer satisfaction through excellence in design, superior product quality and customer service to improve our customer’s work process and business results.

Who are we...

Our company have been designing and installing storage system with results of many satisfied clients across all industries. We emphasize on our philosophy which is to provide the highest standard of service and expertise.

Our Products

Selective pallet racking is the most common pallet racking system in use today. Selective pallet rack systems provide easy accessibility to all products at all times
Long Span
Long Span Shelving is a good solution for storage of light to medium heavy loads. Long span shelving could be used in conjunction with multi tier or high rise installations.
VNA Racking System
Very Narrow Aisle ( VNA ) racking is similar to Selective racking but decreases the aisle widths by 50% for greater storage capacity.
Drive In / Drive Through
With drive-in and drive-through racking, load units are stored on the racking depth one after the other on two continuous shelves.
Cantilever Storage Rack Systems use arms that extend from the towers allowing unobstructed, frontal access to items.
The key benefit of a Mezzanine designed and installed is the ability to create new space fast and efficiently.
Boltless Shelving
Using boltless shelving is a great and efficient way to storage inventory and equipment.
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