Drive In / Drive Through Racking System


With drive-in and drive-through racking, load units are stored on the racking depth one after the other on two continuous shelves. A loading/unloading cycle per racking field from the top to the bottom (or the other way round) must be observed during depositing and retrieval.

The trucks can drive into the racking lanes. With drive-in racking, rack servicing is only possible from one side (Lifo method). With drive-through racking in contrast, depositing can be carried out from one side and at the same time retrieval from the other side (Fifo method). Compared with drive-in racking, throughput is therefore higher with drive-through racking.

Drive-In / Drive-Thru pallet racking systems are a cost effective solution to high density storage. This system have pallet support rails running the depth of the racks for pallet placement. Eliminating aisles produces a higher storage density at the expense of selectivity. Each pallet is supported so damage from crushing is eliminated.

Speed can be further increased by the provision of lead-in rails and guide rails within the lanes. This systems offer up to 85% floor space utilization Drive-In; Load and unload from the same side, creating a LAST- IN- FIRST- OUT (LIFO) storage system. Drive-Thru; Load from one side and unload from the other side, creating a FIRST- IN- FIRST- OUT (FIFO) storage system. M.H.E. Can enter from either side. This is an excellent option for freezers, providing low cost bulk storage along with guaranteed stock rotations.